grace in small things: 19 of 365

1. rainy afternoons
2. encouragement from my students
3. 22 more days of school (not that I'm counting)

In other news...we're going to L.A. and San Diego during June. Please let me know if you have any advice on places to stay, eat or things to do! Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

hey lindsey...Your blog is great. I'm not sure I've ever commented before, but I have been here.

The San Diego Zoo is fabulous, but that's sortof a given when visiting San Diego. A few years ago i was visiting a friend in LA adn we drove to SD just for the zoo. I don't know of anything else. If you're looking for more ideas I can ask my friend..she lived in LA for 3 years and had many visitors that wanted to see the sites.


Ashley said...

In San Diego, you must go to this restaurant called Coyote Cafe - best tortillas ever! We always go there for breakfast but they have it all. Also, if you want a good Italian restaurant, I recommend Jack and Guilo's! Both are in Old Town and are great. We got to SD all the time and always make sure we hit up these two places.

Oh ya, sorry, I just found from blog from Adventures of a Newlywed and saw this post so I thought I'd comment :)

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it! We have friends in LA, but we're a little lost as to what to do in San Diego. This is so helpful :)

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