school days vs. break

On school days, I...
  1. take showers when it is dark outside
  2. drink coffee out of a travel mug
  3. eat a school cafeteria lunch
  4. see 154 students come in and out of my classroom
  5. come home with some energy remaining...
  6. but go to bed by 9:30 so I can get up again at 6
During a break, I...
  1. take a shower during the middle of the day after working out (yeah!)
  2. drink coffee out of my cute coffee cup while reading a book
  3. make my own healthy lunch
  4. see 1 handsome husband
  5. have energy all day to bake, cook, clean, and write
  6. stay up until Zach comes home from work (last night it was 11:30!) and then cuddle and talk on the couch before going to bed together
Moral of the story: I am much more cozy during a break.


Lindsey said...
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Zach said...


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