current trip ideas

In June, Zach and I are heading to the sunny west coast for a week. Here are our ideas so far...Let us know if you have any advice!

Ideas for Los Angeles (staying in Santa Monica)
  1. hike up to the Hollywood sign
  2. Anisette Brasserie
  3. Sushi with Jon
  4. Melrose Bar and Grill
  5. Nate'n Al deli
  6. Mulberry Street Pizza
  7. Caffe Luxxe
  8. Joan's on Third
  9. Chez Jays
  10. Santa Monica Pier
  11. Santa Monica Farmer's Market
  12. drive north to Malibu
  13. rent bikes for Santa Monica Beach
  14. visit Venice Beach
  15. In N Out Burger
  16. Catalina Island

Ideas for San Diego (Staying in La Jolla)

  1. San Diego Zoo's wild animal park
  2. Sea World
  3. Cafe Coyote
  4. Jack and Giuilo's
  5. BEACH! La Jolla or Laguna
  6. Torrey Pines State Reserve

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