california sushi

I have never liked sushi. Zach loves it, and always has tried to get me to like it, but something about sushi in Indiana just hasn't worked for me despite his efforts.

On our first night in L.A., We planned to go out to a sushi restaurant with Zach's college roommate Jon. I had determined to give sushi another chance, and I'm so glad I did. Katsuya was amazing!! It is easily my favorite restaurant from our whole trip, and we couldn't stop talking about how incredible the food was. I do not say this lightly - if you are going to L.A., I would highly recommend going here. It was so fun going with Jon because he ordered for our table, and every pick was excellent.
Our meal:
  • Edamame
  • Spicy albacore sashimi with crispy onion
  • Crispy rice with spicy tuna
  • Creamy rock shrimp tempura
  • Spider roll
  • Rock shrimp tempura on Spicy tuna roll
  • Spicy tuna on rock shrimp tempura roll with white truffle oil
Now I just need to figure out how to go back for more delicious food and fantastic company!

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Zach said...

Best meal ever in life!

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