...when we live close to family and friends:

1. I will play tennis with my mom.
2. go out for a weekly coffee with Kate.
3. own a house. (with a lot of nature around - no more downtown concrete!)
4. paint and buy curtains for this house.
5. bake and cook and have lots of family and friends over.
6. grill outside all summer long.
7. go to the Y with Loo for spin class and yoga.
8. have a pool membership and spend summer breaks laying out (with SPF lotion applied).
9. ask my talented mother-in-law to teach me to sew.
10. after learning how to sew, become Sarah Richardson (my dream job).
11. garden - flowers, herbs, veggies, you name it.
12. see Ben's soccer games.
13. play with my puppy, Molly.
14. attend all Germann family functions.
15. go up to the lake on weeknights with Zach and my parents.

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