hoosier mania

This weekend Zach and I drove down to Bloomington to meet my parents and little brother for the Ohio State and IU football game.  It was the perfect fall weather - brisk, cloudy, and a little windy.  We spent the day checking out some of Zach's favorite spots around the campus:

mother bear's pizza

walking around campus

the library

game time!


Rachel said...

Oh, Linds, you CAN'T be an OSU fan! I like you too much to let you do that!!! ;)

Lindsey said...

My family are diehard buckeyes (although not to the annoying and loud point of some people - thank goodness) and Zach is a hoosier, so if you notice my outfit is pretty neutral. During the Michigan game though, I'm afraid I'll be rooting against you :)

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