panic and God's timing

{Ben and I at the OSU game}

This weekend my little brother was in a major car accident.  Friday night after we had all gone to bed, my dad got a call from Ben saying that he had flipped his car, he was hurt and needed us to come get him.  My mom woke Zach and I up, and the adrenaline started pumping.  Poor Zach was so disoriented and kept asking if this was all really happening.  I'm pretty sure I yelled, "I need you to wake up and help Ben!"  After the week I have had at school, I could only think the worst, and I felt so panicked I couldn't breathe. 

As soon as my younger brother heard about Ben, he jumped in his car and drove to the woods where Ben had been at a birthday party.  Unfortunately, Jordan didn't wait to hear that Ben had been dropping a friend off at home about 30 minutes away and he didn't grab his cell phone on the way out the door. 

Dad and Zach took off to go to Ben's friend Kyle's house, but they didn't know where she lives so Mom and I stayed back to get directions for them.  I called Ben, who at this point had unbuckled himself, crawled out the back hatch of the SUV, and was walking towards Kyle's house.  He said his hand was bleeding, but he felt ok.  I told him to stop walking and stay where he was, but he wanted to walk to stay warm.

Kyle drove to pick Ben up and bring him back to her house, and I started talking to her once she got Ben in her car.   We got the directions for my dad and then when Kyle saw Ben's hand she started to freak out.  She got him to her house, and her aunt who is a nurse had come over to help clean up his hand.  By the time my dad and Zach got to the house Ben was pale from losing blood and shock, and they rushed him to the ER.

Amazingly, Ben's right hand is the only thing that was seriously hurt.  After taking some major painkillers, the doctor cleaned and bandaged his hand.  Having seen pictures of the car, the only way he walked away from the accident is through God's protection.  Even the fact that he could find his cell phone to call for help was a miracle after having flipped the car.  I know that God is faithful and good, even when the worst happens, but I am so thankful that this was not Ben's time and that he is ok. 

{the passenger door}

{front end}

{the hand}

{Safe and sound on the couch}

Lessons learned: call 911 immediately after an accident and people are the most precious things in my life.

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