A Weekend Moment: babysitting!

On Friday, my cousin had asked us to watch her sweet 2 1/2 month old daughter, while she and her husband went out to a business dinner.  Since they were coming down to Indy, we were able to watch her at our house.  Let me just say that it was a five hour adventure for Zach and me.  It was the sweetest thing getting to hold her and take care of her but also insanely hard.  I mean - how do you parents eat or even sit down? and you must have insane muscles, because I was so sore the next day! 

It definitely gave me a new perspective to enjoy these days without kids and the schedules that come along with them.  I have always been anticipating the next step in life (starting college, getting engaged, getting married, buying a house...), and I want to be more content with where I am in life and learn to soak it in.  Zach had the opposite reaction.  He has never really been around little ones, and this was the first time he had ever really held a baby (other than "rest your arm on this pillow and I'll place her in your arms").  I think he learned that he can take care of a little one, and it doesn't have to be as scary as he was thinking it would be.  He was amazing, and she fell asleep in his arms when he was walking around with her.  It melts my heart! 

{saying hello}
{he is loving it}

Obviously this was only a small taste of parenthood and can't even begin to describe what it must really be like to take care of your own kids every day.  Still - it was a fun night for us, and we definitely learned how life will change drastically if we are blessed with kids in the future!

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tiny twig said...

oh, you guys will do GREAT when the time comes. it's also so different when it's your own little one. :)

oh, I also tagged you on a little thing on my blog...


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