A Weekend Moment + A Giveaway

Zach and I had a lovely Valentine's date - we picked up our favorite drinks and ice cream at the grocery (Izze soda and Haagen Daaz strawberry for me and a Mexican Coca-cola in a bottle and pistachio for Zach).  The pizza we ordered from Greeks was tasty, and we cozied up to watch Love Happens and Sleepless in Seattle

Sidenote: Isn't Sleepless in Seattle such a perfect girly movie?  It was infinitely superior to Love Happens

After counting back, we realized this was our 10th Valentine's together! Starting in high school means you hit those big numbers early, I guess.  We've had all sorts of dates for the 14th from fancy restaurants to phone dates when we were at two different colleges. I think we have finally hit our stride with the type of date we both enjoy - nothing fussy or 'commercialy.'   It was just about the two of us being together and spending the night talking about our favorite memories and our dreams about the future.

A year ago, I started writing as a way to have a creative outlet and journal my thoughts.  The friendships I have made and the joy of writing have been encouraging beyond words.  I am grateful for your comments, and I love reading about your lives as well.  In honor of one year writing on my blog, I'm offering a pair of peaches earrings from Darlybird to one of my readers.  Just leave a comment on this post by midnight Thursday, February 18th.  I'll announce the winner on Friday.  Good luck and thanks for reading! 


Meaghan said...

I enjoy reading all your posts!

We spent Valentines eating pizza and watching The Holiday and to me, that was a wonderful way to
spend the evening together!

Matt and Abby said...

Just so you know, I read your blog more than I comment. So me leaving a note here isn't just so I can win some free earrings....ok, so maybe a little bit.
Anyway, we had a similar celebration at our house. Much better than the silly commercials would have us celebrate.

tiny twig said...

sweet lindsey! mike and i are on our 7th...we met on Feb. 15 (today!!) 8 years ago...one day after valentine's day. :) and we've been together ever since. love that.

darling earrings, by the way! i'm going to have a giveaway on my blog soon, too!


Rachel said...

I just love reading your blog, but that shouldn't be a surprise! :) Keep writing, my dear friend. I love your posts and hope to see you soon. I think a trip to Indy may be in the near future!

Heather said...

They're so so lovely, I'd love to win!

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