lighting {the before}

We purchased a sweet Craftsman bungalow, and we're moving in less than a month!  It has some charming details, but some of the lighting is woefully out of style with the rest of the house.  Let me show you....

{painful to my eyes}

My husband says this ceiling fan is staying in the screened porch, regardless of my pleas to rip it out.  Do you think removing the light or painting it all white would help? 

I think paint will be a different post altogether, but please know that the black, red and green interior will be changed pronto!  Seriously - who thought of that???

{dining room monstrosity}

We have zero dining room furniture, so replacing this bad boy is tricky.  I would like to replace it with a simple chandelier, but then we will have to duck under or around it until a dining room table is in the budget.  I also don't want to waste money on a temporary light.

{plain jane master bedroom}

We have a Hunter pedestal fan for our bedroom, so I'd love to put a chandelier light here with some sparkle.  Finding one with a bit of sparkle that isn't overly-feminine is my goal.  I have no leads on this one yet, but I will have more time to hunt this summer.

{track lighting in the kitchen}

This light is directly adjacent to an original farmhouse-style pendant (see below).  It is almost laughable how different they are.  This is where I would love to install a schoolhouse style light, but more on that tomorrow!

I really like this light with the exception of the speckle paint.  I would like to try and paint it, but I'm not sure what color to use (black, grey, white?) or how it would look with a schoolhouse light. 

This is your chance....weigh in and let me know what you would do!  I'll be sure to post "After" pictures once we decide and get settled in.


Matt and Abby said...

Ok, just giving an opinion because you asked. I totally understand the temptation to rip everything out and make it personal. I wanted to change every single light fixture and doorknob in the whole house when we first moved in. I'm glad I didn't because most of them are growing on me and now I've saved the $500.
I have heard this same sentiment from multiple friends, glad they waited b/c they realize it's not as big of a deal as they thought.
I would keep a fan in your bedroom. Again, I know the feeling of wanting a chandelier. Living in an older house myself, the bedrooms get awful hot during the summer. We would suffocate without our ceiling fan. So would Hannah.
You probably didn't want to hear any of that, sorry:)

Lindsey said...

No apologies! I like getting different opinions, especially if it saves me time and money. I think we'll focus on the track lighting in the kitchen, but wait and see about most of the others.

Thanks for the advice Abby!

Kristen Guthrie said...

Lindsey - I found your blog (maybe through one of your facebook posts?) recently and have been loving it!

I really like a little sparkle in my lighting and found a great website that has affordable (and still high quality crystal chandeliers) - - you have to assemble them yourself, but it is fun.

I have this one in my dining room and am looking for some little ones for the bathroom next.

Enjoy making your home your own! I'd love to see it someday!!

Kristen Guthrie

Lindsey said...

Kristen! I love the website, and that chandelier is gorgeous. I

If you're in Indy, stop by anytime. I'd love to catch up with you guys! Plus, there is a great coffee shop around the corner that we could go to :)

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