moving: 2 ways

Last August, we moved into our current little rental house from a downtown apartment.  I had all summer to pack.  Everything was boxed, labelled, and ready-to-go.  We moved everything in one day, down three flights of stairs, competing with another group for the freight elevator.  Curtains and pictures were hung, beds made, dishes washed and put away by the end of the night.  Our families are pros.

{amazing moving crew}

{piles of pillows and a ubiquitous poster}

{our moms unpacking the kitchen and living room mess}

This time around Zach and I are both busy with work, and packing has not been possible yet.  The plan is to pack as we go and move all the little things over in our cars after work (read: lots of little loads).  Then the big pieces will be moved on Saturday.  Somewhere in there I'd love to clean out all the cupboards and closets of the new house too.  My perfectionistic self does not like this haphazard plan as much, but I'm thankful to have a new home and friends to help us move. Hopefully it all comes together! 

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