shopping hiatus - week 4

I would say this week was a toss-up for me.  Although I avoided any clothes shopping (yay!), I did venture into a massive antique store while visiting my parents last weekend.  My mom came with me, and we found some superb items for the new house.  I reasoned that I wouldn't be back until after school is out, and these cute antiques are one-of-a-kind (and on sale!).  Also it was an adventure with my mom, which happens too rarely these days.  If only I had known when we got married how much I enjoy having well-made vintage items - I could have avoided buying 6 cheap lamps from Target. 

All that being said I have no regrets with my purchases, and maybe that is the whole point of the shopping hiatus in the first place.  But enough's what I found:

{his and hers nightstands}

{vintage necklace - $12}

And I found three more pieces to use as patio furniture that I'll show you later in a before-after post.  The weather here has been amazing and I can't wait to get them outdoors next to some big Boston ferns!

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Matt and Abby said...

I bought a couple tables just like that for our night stands at a huge antique mall. Totally worth it. I also bought a small vintage dresser for Hannah's changing table when we first got her. It's something really cool that has multiple uses. I totally recommend things like that! Now I won't have a changing table to get rid of when we are done with kids.
Enjoy your fun pieces!

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