can i have another escape?

My in-laws are vacationing in Siesta Key this week and next, and right this moment I am wishing I was lounging poolside without a care.  Let's be honest - moving is stressful.

Every day has been spent prepping for labs, ensuring students don't burn/stab/infect themselves, grading, and lecturing.  Then in the afternoon I get to head over to the house (!) and clean the kitchen cabinets, load and unload boxes, unpack and wash dishes, and sterilize the bathrooms.  Last night we stayed there until 11 putting together an Adirondack chair.  Needless to say, I'm exhausted and so is Zach.

However, I am SO excited for this weekend.  My whole family will be together Saturday and Sunday.  We'll move and then have a big sleepover at our home.  I'm planning a Mother's Day lunch for my mom and I can't wait to just sit back and soak in our new house.  In a related note, only 12 days of school left!  I have so many projects lined up for this summer.  I can't wait to get started and fill you in on all the details...

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tiny twig said...

that sounds like such a LOVELY weekend!! i hope it was magical for you. :) email me where in indy you guys are at...i'd love to know what area you guys ended up in!


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