wall art

A few weeks ago, I noticed a new sponsor on Joslyn's blog Simple Lovely and fell in love with debbie carlos' large posters printed using a architectural/engineer plotter.  It took awhile to convince Zach that he would love one of these above our couch (on a very large blank wall) as much as I would. 

During that time, I researched other options to fill the space with something equally lovely (and within our budget).  I quickly learned what a challenge this was.

For example, check out this practical, well-styled chalkboard pull-down map:

from Restoration Hardware, this large beauty was exactly what I was looking for, but hopelessly over-priced
I like the size of this poster, but again too much $$....plus I like that rug :)
I liked the idea of a usable, vintage map...but sizes scaled to fit above a sofa are hard to find
I also checked at big box stores for inspiration....only to come up empty-handed after searching through rows of large, abstract, metal sculptures.  They are nice, but not really my style:

wall sculpture from Crate and Barrel
Luckily by this point, husband was on board with debbie's amazing cloud poster, so we'll be hanging it this weekend above the couch.  I'm stoked to see it in place! 

only $45 for a 48"x36" original art piece
What is your favorite way to decorate an empty wall?  Photo gallery? One big art piece?  Mirror?  Leave some inspiration in the comments!


Matt and Abby said...

My favorite way to decorate an empty wall....leave it empty and stare at it paralyzed with indecision. Unfortunately.
Love all your new pieces in the last post. Esp the piece between the twin beds. Love it!

Emily said...

I like the old vintage map the best!

MMM said...

I love to frame black and white photos. We have a collection on our family room walls with pics of places we visited in Europe 4 years ago.

Amanda said...

im hoping to do a photo wall above our couch in the family room with pictures of, well...the family. But it will probably take me forever.

like this:http://www.thepicturewallcompany.com/silver1.html

Lindsey said...

Amanda - I love that gallery wall. You have the most amazing family pictures to fill it, too :)

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