weekend list

  1. birthday dinner for Zach's mama
  2. weekend staying at my parent's house
  3. campfire with roasted marshmellows and smores - thanks Mom!
  4. snuggling with my puppy
  5. celebration dinner for my little brother's college scholarships
  6. meeting up with my best friend from school....love that we pick right up where we left off
  7. Colts win!
  8. seeing my cousin Alissa and her lovely family
  9. a long drive with Zach - perfect time to talk and see the leaves changing colors
  10. coming home to a clean house (one of my favorite things)

the birthday girl + Ryan + a big present
Sunday lunch at Casa's .... one of our hometown local favorites

1 comment:

Katy said...

Love the list,,,sounds like a wonderful weekend with family and friends!

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