shapiro's deli

I recently stumbled across some photos of my brother-in-law's visit to see us in the fall.  Somehow they got lost once I uploaded them.  We ate at a great Jewish deli downtown and then went rock climbing (what?).  We went on an afternoon following one of the Indy marathons, and it was packed with runners! 

Any type of deli or cafeteria line makes me extra nervous.  I feel so much pressure to pick things up since there is no going back!  Thankfully - the guys always put more than enough food on their trays for me too.  For me, the best things in the line aren't always the deli sandwiches.  I get sucked in with the cakes, pies, mac-and-cheese, mashed potatoes, fresh rye bread, and Saturday's fried chicken special.  It is a dangerous place, my friends!

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About Last Weekend said...

Hi nice to meet you. Wow, that sandwich looks so good and I know what you mean about getting in a line in a cafeteria! Just been back to new Zealand and tasted some great food (kai) there!

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