his+hers: new adventures

alli and brooke started the his+hers series on Mondays, and i'm joining in. 
i love seeing the husband and wife dynamic.  i wonder what our husbands would write about us?



He added some color to the weekend by attending a city-wide Holi celebration.  The guy pictured with him is his college roommate  --  so cool that they are on this adventure together.  Can you imagine having a cultural holiday like this in the U.S, where you just throw paint chalk on one another - even strangers? 

I tried out some new specs by ordering online and trying out 5 options at home before settling on the pair above.  This was literally the first time I've been able to see myself in glasses before buying them.  Usually at the doctor's office when trying on new pairs, I have already taken out my contacts and must rely on others to pick them for me.  Equally refreshing = the price + donating a pair to someone in need.

(Has anyone else seen Holi colors on Amazing Race or An Idiot Abroad?  Jordan tried it for a birthday celebration, too.  She found the colors at an Indian supply store, and I'm thinking it would be so fun to host a party with them over the summer...)

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