a bridal shower for katelyn

I recently hosted a little party for my soon-to-be sister, Katelyn, at my house, and our side of the family came to shower her with home essentials (while regaling her with childhood stories about my brother).  It couldn't have been more fun to celebrate with her and anticipate their fast approaching wedding.

I made blue watercolor stripe invitations, and the table was filled with streamers in shades of blue, milkglass, and fuji mums.  Each guest brought their favorite cleaning supply to help the new couple when they move into their new apartment.  Now Jordan and Katelyn have a mini stockpile of dish soap, shower cleaner, laundry detergent, etc...  One of my bridal showers included this idea, and I'm still using those supplies four years later!


p.s.  Recipes from the vegetarian menu will be posted tomorrow!  (My mom was a rockstar and helped me get all the food ready.)

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