grace in small things: 9 of 365

This weekend was rough. I miss my family and friends, and it is hard living 2 hours away (I realize that isn't very far, but it prevents random visits and seeing one another as often as I would like). This was one of those times when living far away from the people I am closest too just doesn't seem like it makes any sense. Aren't the people we love what really matters in life?? Anyways, in the midst of the pity party I was having, Zach was so sweet and thoughtful. As much as I love my parents, brothers, and friends, he is my family now and I love that.

Things to look forward to:
1. swing dancing on Friday night with my students - YEAH!
2. flea market at the fairgrounds this weekend
3. finishing the unit I am teaching about evolution
4. spring break
5. my birthday!!

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