grace in small things: 20 of 365

Before I get to the small things I'm grateful for today, here is my story of the week:

Freshman Brings Gun to School
That's right. One of my students had a BB gun still in his bookbag from a youth group video he was making the night before. WHAT? First of all, what youth group is ok with having a student bring a gun to make a video??? To make matters worse, instead of going to the office immediately and explaining why he had a BB gun in his bookbag, he shows it to several other freshmen who FREAK OUT. Once the gun was confiscated by the principal and he was taken out of class, I'm pretty sure the police officers scared him pretty thoroughly.

1. bacteria - I could study and work with these all day long!
2. Rachel's sweet post yesterday
3. 3 new plants from the greenhouse at the IMA
4. white bedding
5. when my hubby makes me coffee in the morning

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