the perfect afternoon....almost

Last Saturday, Zach and I headed over to the IMA with a blanket, water bottles and lots of reading material (papers for me and a book for him). They have the most beautiful gardens, and everything was just starting to bloom.

An interesting thing happened while we were there...we were sitting in a quiet spot next to a small garden, when we saw a cute, well-dressed couple walking into one of the smaller gardens (she was in heels and he was in a suit - not your typical outdoor attire). Zach immediately thought he was going to propose. Sure enough, he started to talk to his girlfriend on this cute little bench next to a fountain. Halfway through, another family starts walking into the little garden. The guy doesn't even have a shirt on! They just barge right into the garden, talking loudly, right in the middle of the proposal. It was so awkward, and it took them a minute or two to realize what they had stumbled upon. As soon as they noticed, they left, and the girl said YES! It was cute to watch how excited they were to be engaged.

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smile steady said...

How sweet! I love catching things like that unexpectedly!

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