Away We Go - This was a great movie - entertaining, amazing characters, deep and funny. I so related with the concept of finding your HOME as a couple. It didn't hurt that I love John Krasinski! Oh, and this made me a little nervous about the ins and outs of pregnancy...YIKES!

The Shop Around the Corner - You've Got Mail was based on this movie. How did I not know that??? Anyways I really liked it, and James Stewart didn't bother me at all. Much to the chagrin of my husband I really dislike him in It's a Wonderful Life.

Run Fat Boy Run - A movie Zach and I both liked and laughed at. I was so happy our Netflix movie showed up on Saturday night, as opposed to Monday when the Bachelorette was on :) Also, I so want to own a bakery shop in London!

Now we are in need of some new movie recommendations...Please help.

And is anyone going to see the movie Food, Inc.?

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