a lovely summer visit... and a subtle hint??

My mom spent the last two days hanging out with me in Indy. We went shopping, picked up dinner at Fresh Market, made strawberry shortcake, and watched old home videos last night. I loved seeing an old video of a typical Saturday morning when I was 6: eating breakfast together, Jordan playing with "Meggie" our dog, and getting ready to go to the library. Today we toured Oldfields and had lunch at Patachou, where I ambitiously tried egg white omelets and my tastebuds were rewarded. I loved having her come and stay with us (although poor Zach only saw her about 30 minutes due to work...ugh.)

My mom also brought a stack of magazines for me to read....notice the top issue. Is it just me or this a hint at what she's been thinking about???

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Lyndsay said...

they are a blessing :)
but not until you are ready

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