food, glorious food

Ok, I admit there have been an overwhelming amount of food posts lately, but during my summer break baking and cooking are my favorite hobbies (curling up with a good book and getting to work out are close behind). So, here are some more yummy treats from my kitchen:

Zach is not really a fan of lemons, so my small group family got to enjoy this lemon yogurt cake. It was so moist, delicious and easy (no mixer involved). I also brought some homemade caramel corn for those who may not be lemon lovers.

Also made this weekend was this tasty hummus dip. I love that it uses Italian parsley, garlic and lemon. It has the most amazing (slightly addictive) flavors and making homemade pita chips is so great for a healthy snack.

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Tarah said...

I love your food posts. keep 'em coming! someday I might have the time/energy/etc. to make a few of these things. they all look so amazing!!!!!

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