christmas wishlist

One of the most dreaded things about Christmas for me is trying to find the "perfect" gift for each person on my list.  I love the holiday and the spirit of giving, but I hate the idea of giving someone a gift that they either do not want or will not use.  I also despise the commercialism that permeates the holiday and always seems to suck me in.  There is only one person on my list who shares my tastes, so I can get very confused/stressed about what to give everyone else.  That is why lists work for me.  While surprises are wonderful when the person knows you well, lists give me the satisfaction of knowing I found something that you will love and enjoy. 

Zach is in the middle of 'busy season' at his accounting firm, and his deadline is the fifteenth.  Since he doesn't have a chance to do any Christmas shopping until then, I am making him a go-to wishlist to minimize his time in the mall (the place he would least want to be at any time of year).  Most of these items can be ordered online with free shipping and come right to our front door.   

I've already worn out one pair of these comfy, retro shoes and I've been meaning to replace them for a couple of months now.  I'm partial to the grey pair, but I haven't found it in my size - so navy comes in second place.  {Chuck Taylors, size 7 - $42}

I need a new pair of post earrings after losing my favorite pair at my brother's soccer game this fall.  Searching through the grass for the lost post almost made me miss the second half of the game.  I love anthropologie's collection of post earrings - simple and very girly.

Some cute new pajamas that are warm enough for winter would be a nice luxury.

I may need to wait till this goes on sale, but I am in love with this sweaterdress.  I have one other sweaterdress that I purchased to go with a pair of black flat boots, and I love wearing it.  It's keeps me warm and it is so comfortable.   Plus, it looks much more classy than sweatshirts and leggings which also meet the same criteria.  {Converging roads sweaterdress, size s}

A new alarm clock.  I've checked out vintage clocks on etsy, but this grey, round reproduction clock would probably be more reliable.

Some DeBrand's chocolate.

Real Simple magazine subscription.

Now, please tell me - what is on your Christmas list or do you prefer surprises?


Rachel said...

Oh, Linds, I LOVE those post earrings! So classy!

Tarah said...

i give my husband lists and he hates it. I should remind him that it cuts down on his shopping time. I also went on ebay and saved a few items in the "watch" list. i haven't gone back to look at what he purchased although I have been tempted. Etsy is a bit more complicated, but i emailed him the addresses for a few things i liked. i remind him that he doesn't have to get me everything i ask for and that allows the element of surprise. and if there's something I REALLY want I just tell him i expect to get it. :) he hee. Merry Christmas.

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