a cookie a day + brown paper packages

This weekend involved lots and lots of baking...mostly so I could send a yummy "good luck on finals" package to my little brother.

{betty crocker's chocolate chip}

{nice and soft sugar cookies}

{a surprise monogrammed charm from Sarah}

I fell in love with these new monograms my cousin has been designing.  I can wait to find a delicate silver chain to wear this one on.  What a perfect brown paper package to show up in the mail today :)


Rachel said...

I love those charms! Does she have an Etsy shop??

Lindsey said...

Here's her contact info. Just let her know you'd like a charm like mine and she'll make it and ship it. She has an etsy shop, but I'm not sure if she'll have you pay through that or not :)

Lindsey said...

oops - I forgot to put her website -

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