Happy Christmas

Zach and I have spent our holiday break enjoying the company of our family and friends in snowy Fort Wayne.  We've snuggled by the tree, done unavoidable last-minute shopping, watched Christmas movies, and slept in almost every morning.  Every year it surprises me how much I anticipate watching people open the presents we've found for them. 

The first year we were married I worried about having our own traditions as a couple, but without having kids, we both still love being with our families and doing all the things we remember as little kids.  For us, that means my big family Christmas; a movie and church on Christmas eve; stockings Christmas morning and reading Luke 2; and the yummiest food - no matter whose house we're visiting. 

Tomorrow we're headed to Utah for a ski trip, and then it's back to work and our normal schedules.

Happy Christmas!

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