10 things that make me happy

Hayley tagged me to create this list of happiness.  I love these little exercises of focusing on the good and the contentment we can find in every day life.  Here it goes...

1. Being around family.  I don't think I'm ever more happy than when I'm surrounded by my family, and we're all in the same place.  We're heading to see everyone this weekend, and I can't wait!

{Thanksgiving 2009}
2. Reading.  Right now, I'm working on Wuthering Heights and The Kind Diet.  During January, I read all of the Harry Potter books and loved them.  I've learned I feel most connected with my childhood when I am reading.

3. Neutrogena face cleansing wipes.  I love using one of these at the end of the night to remove makeup, and they smell amazing! 
4. Organizing and Decluttering.  This makes me happy - which is weird, I know.
5. Pizza.  But especially Pizza King pizza or homemade deep dish pizza.
6. Pilates class.  I started this class about five months ago, and it is one of the few forms of exercise I enjoy.  When we went skiing over the holidays, I was even able to ski all day with my little brother (who is still in high school and has energy to spare).  I also love my instructor, who sent me a list of exercises to do at home during the week.
7. Faces of America.  I am fascinated by this PBS show and all of the family histories that can be discovered.  If only Henry Louis Gates, Jr. would show up at my door with all this information. 

8. Frye Paige boots.  These are my essential winter shoes.  Since winter's hold on Indiana has still not let up, I am perfectly happy slipping these on with a dress and tights.  They are so much warmer than any of my other outfits, but still cute (and almost as cozy as Uggs).

9. Grape hyacinths.  These are my favorite spring flower, and when they poke through the ground I love collecting them and putting them all around my house to announce that winter is over.


10. Taking care of my sick husband, who is fighting off a nasty cold/flu virus.  He never gets sick, and when he does he takes the approach of "sweating it out."  I'm not sure it works, but I love being here to get him anything he needs and make a bed on the couch for him to spend the day recooperating. 
And, here are a few friends whose lists I would love to see:


Meaghan said...

Thanks for tagging me Lindsey! I can't wait to play along!

Krameymartin said...

Thanks for tagging me! I'll have to get my act together and post!:)

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