shopping hiatus - week 3


We did really well this week - no extra purchases and lots of extra activities.  Mostly these activities involved the house - finalizing our bid, meeting with lenders, daydreaming about ownership, praying for a good inspection, etc... We took a huge walk around the new neighborhood, and I am thrilled to move in soon.  Best of all, there is a sweet little corner of shops close by, just like our current spot. 

In addition to house things, I'm attending a women's Bible study each week, which I am loving.  It has become such a good way to get connected with other women who are trying to grow with each other and God.  I think a lot of us {bloggers} are searching for those relationships, due to moving away from loved ones or just the business of life and work.  I'm learning I truly need to schedule time to slow down and openly communicate with others and God.  Too often I tend to close up or just depend on Zach when I need to talk.

Hope you all are well - I love this way of communicating with each other, and I'm grateful for each of you that stop by.

P.S. Now we can talk on twitter too

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Matt and Abby said...

Thanks for your prayers. When will we see pics of your new house? I'm very excited to see what you do with it!

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