food flirts - week 3

Overall the third week went pretty smoothly.  We did celebrate finding a house with a {delicious} Chicago-style hot dog from a little shop in Broadripple, but other than that things were relatively healthy.  Here are my favorite parts:

Activity 1: Grilled mushrooms atop brown rice.  My dad makes the yummiest steaks served with a side of grilled mushrooms and onions.  I recreated the mushrooms using some baby bellas and steak seasoning.  The mushrooms were so filling and meat-y.  Yum!

{sauteed baby bellas}

Activity 2: Cooking all afternoon on Sunday.  Being in the kitchen was therapeutic and relaxing.  It reminds me of my favorite days in chem labs when everything ends up correctly + you can eat the results. I started with a double batch of my favorite marinara sauce and ended with 7 full jars!  Then I moved on to homemade cheez-its and hummus (to be eaten separately).  Finally we had deep dish pizzas for dinner . 

{huge pot of sauce}


Matt and Abby said...

where did you get the mushroom/rice recipe? I'm looking for some meatless recipies...

Lindsey said...

i just made it up -

1 container of baby bella mushrooms, a little butter, and Montreal steak seasoning (or garlic powder, salt and pepper)

it took about 5-10 minutes on med./high heat.

let me know if you come up with any other combinations.

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