closet inspiration

{House Beautiful}

"Don't forget the closet! Love your closets.
Paint them, paper them, hang pictures in them to inspire you.
And definitely light them."

On our to-do list this summer is finishing some attic space to make a closet in the master bedroom for me.  All my clothes are currently in rooms downstairs and some are hanging from a portable rack in our room.  I love this closet and can't wait to make a closet my own!

If I don't blog about this I will totally forget this advice!  Who has time to remember to hang vintage, glamourous pictures in a closet? 

Do any of you have inspiring closets?...if so, I'd love to see them (and maybe even post some pictures!)

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Kara said...

My Aunt has an amazing closet! She cut down fancy department store or namebrand store bags and put them in fun frames (Tiffany's, Saks, Bloomingdale's, etc). I never would have thought to hang pictures in a closet, but it was cute and cheap!

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