real celebrity style

I love Meg Ryan.  I watch You've Got Mail every summer, because when she talks about a bouquet of freshly-sharpened pencils and works in a bookshop it makes me excited to be surrounded by those things too.  (Ok, I know this is a character and not really Meg...but you know what I mean.) 

So when I stumbled across her gorgeous Martha's Vineyard home and found I loved her real style too, I was doubly in love.  It is the perfect mix of fresh white paint, grey linen, and industrial accents. 

{wire baskets, huge windows, and drop-dead gorgeous tile}

{huge wooden work table, industrial pendants, no upper cabinets}

{natural rug, light pillows, grey linen curtains}

“The whole idea is to keep things as simple as possible;
I like everything pared down to its purest form.”
{find some of her smart design advice here}

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