mother's day {times two}

This year we were lucky enough to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom and Zach's mom.  We moved over Mother's Day weekend, so we grilled out with my family after the move on a lovely, sunny day.  It was really our first meal in our house and so perfect that it was spent with family. 

{kitchen spread with peonies for Mom}

{boys manning the grill + a peek at our house}

Side note: Only my physics major, long-haired, little brother would grab a ruffled cake stand to load with grilled hamburger buns.

{gathered around the table}


The next weekend, my in-laws stopped by the house on their way home from a Florida vacation.  Zach and I made last minute plans to cook dinner for them while they were over.  So, we ran over to Fresh Market to pick up the ingredients for a yummy recipe from Raising Foodies.  I'd seen Joslyn post this awhile ago, and I'd been meaning to make it. 

{table set up a second time with snapdragons for Pam}

{recipe hunting...with a little stress}

Seriously, this recipe was easy, fast and delicious.  It has been added to our family favorites!  I know Mother's Day was awhile ago, but we had such a good time celebrating it in our new house that I just had to record the memories.

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