dear friends,

This weekend, I am stoked for the following things:

  • a wedding with lots of old friends
  • dancing with Zach - he's got moves.
  • a haircut from my best friend and lots of talking about her brand-new nephew
  • my brother's birthday dinner at Takaoka (a hibachi Japanese restaurant)
  • catching up on The Office, Modern Family and Grey's episodes at my mom's
  • snuggling with Molly puppy and a cup of coffee
  • sunshine (fingers crossed!)
Next week internet is returning to our house, and I've got about 10 posts running through my head that I can't wait to "get on paper" (er, the Internet paper that is..).  I hope you're going to a have a fantastic weekend too!


1 comment:

Matt and Abby said...

I would love to get together! I enjoy coffee also, all day.
Enjoy your weekend, it sounds like a lot of fun and relaxing.

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