how to NOT make a headboard

Over the past 3 years of marriage I have been slightly obsessive about wanting (no - needing) an upholstered headboard.  However, Zach has been equally adamant about not spending money on such a unnecessary piece of furniture, particularly when he is the one who would have to move it.  Now that we own our home, I thought it was the time to make one for myself.  I found loads of inspiration (some of which I've shared with you already, here, here, and my all-time favorite here), some great tutorials, and even bought my own staple gun. 

However when assessing our space in the master bedroom, our bed fits perfectly under the dormer windows which leaves about 12 inches between our mattress and the windows.  Our pillows take up all of that space and any headboard would basically be invisible.  So, here is my alternative...

{taken in our old apartment}
  • Take 3 euro pillows (I like the ones by Martha Stewart at Macy's) and line them along the wall. 
  • Get some cute covers (mine are from Pottery Barn, but you could do a cute patterned pillow too).
  • Lean back and relax.
This has worked for us for the past 3 years, and it will have to continue on for awhile longer.  In the meantime, we have loads of other projects going on to keep me busy!

For those of you who are ambitious enough, here are the tutorials I liked: 

High Street Market 

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