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Painting is so easy to do, but it couldn't be more of a challenge to pick a spot-on color that you'll love.  My husband and I have spent enough time in hardware stores in the past month, that we have randomly brought home a few colors we thought could work.  Although they were ok, none of them were colors we were thrilled with.

This is where the advice comes in (and it's not really mine).  After digging through my favorite designer's archives, I found an article written by Sarah Richardson with a list of her all-time favorite colors.  

This week, my mom and I picked up 4 to try at home, and I am seriously in love with these shades!  So, I'll be painting the master bedroom and bathroom, dining room and guest bedroom in the next few weeks.  I am stoked to see our house change in such a big way.

Find her list and full article HERE.
Go to Home Depot, because they carry Glidden paint.
Ask to see the full Glidden paint deck (be forewarned, this is a bit overwhelming!).
Use the index to find the colors on the list.
Try some samples ($3 apiece) on your walls or trim.

p.s. I picked the following colors in our bungalow:  Souvenir, Meeting House, and Quiet Light.

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Matt and Abby said...

Thanks for the paint tips! I actually read the article you posted and got some really good advice. I'll be excited to see pictures of your paint on the walls!

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