vintage bargains

{front porch}

Bargain #1: Two 1950's metal patio chairs were waiting for me at an antique store near my parents' house.  One was blue and the other green, but I could see their potential.  After sanding them down, two coats of rust-preventing primer, and two coats of glossy white, they are shining on my porch.  These are molded for comfort and we cozy up in them to play games at night. ($30 each)

Bargain #2: A spool leg table is the perfect spot to store my garden tools and display a vase and candle.  It is close to the front door, so I usually set the mail down on top while I'm grabbing my keys. Good legs on a table get me every time. ($45)

Bargain #3: The galvanized bucket holds all my gardening gloves, spade, and clippers.  I'm planning on picking up some galvanized lanterns at IKEA to continue the theme.  Hardware stores carry new galvanized buckets of all sizes too.  ($12)

Easy DIY: After spending time shopping in Anthropologie, I noticed they burn all their candles in containers filled with sand.  I recreated it on my porch with things I had around the house, and the extra glass helps reflect the candlelight.  To finish the table, I added some industrial, vintage test-tube holders and lab-ware.

See more of my porch here and read my thoughts on this little project :)

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