before and after: branching out from white

I really like to paint.

I tend to pick white as my fallback whenever I'm painting furniture.  I like it....Everything goes together....It is simple.  Anyone else fall into these ruts?

Here's the twist...Last weekend while at Home Depot picking up more paint, I was also browsing for paint for my cherry-stained Target stools and a traditional side table passed down from my mom.  I jumped for a Martha Stewart color that I thought could work.  This past weekend I dragged everything out to the porch and got to work. 

Martha Stewart magnetite, semi-gloss


 {now cute and functional}


MMM said...

Did you strip the tables before you painted them or use Kilzs?

Lindsey said...


All I need to do was sand the tables and stools. I didn't want to use any chemicals and it worked out great.

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