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Last weekend, my husband and I headed over to Oxford, Ohio to meet up with my younger brother and his girlfriend (who, by the way, is absolutely adorable and sweet).  As the long-standing youngest couple in our extended family, this made me feel surprisingly old.  However I'm happy to hand over our reign to the cutest new couple.  We watched the final game of the World Cup and then headed for the mecca of all things Swedish - IKEA.

Zach and I had a couple of things we were looking for in the house (ok - I did), and Jordan and Kaytea volunteered to tag-along.  Here is what we ended up picking out:

Borrby lantern, galvanized metal

Ostlig planters, galvanized metal

Jorun rug

Knodd bins

Alvine Trad curtains

Stockholm Blad curtains

.....and some Swedish fish for our fun tag-alongs.  In reward for our success through the enormously overwhelming store, we stopped for some Pizza King on the way back.  Eating it in the booth seats of a double-decker bus made for a cozy end to our first double date.

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b-mused said...

love, love, love the lanterns:). perfect for a late summer night or an early fall BBQ.

have a good weekend!



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