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This summer, we've been lucky to have loads of visitors come down to check out our little house and neighborhood.  It has taken us awhile to accumulate our go-to local list, but slowly and surely it has built up (mostly by avoiding any chain restaurant and asking for loads of recommendations).  Here are some of our favorite things to do to show the flavor of our little corner of the city:

  1. Stroll through the streets filled with historic houses. 
  2. Enjoy an omelet and cinnamon sugar toast at Cafe Patachou.  If it is a girls-only trip, we'll head to PetiteChou instead (you may even spot Peyton here).
  3. Pick up a box of Long's Donuts....easily the best bakery in town.
  4. Go to church at Common Ground with us.  We love this community.
  5. Bike along the canal to the IMA and check out the gardens.
  6. Munch on french fries, crepes, mussels, and endive salads at Brugge Brasserie.
  7. Visit the Broadripple Farmer's Market and load up on salsa ingredients to make at home.
  8. Take little ones to the Children's Museum or the amazing downtown library.
  9. For a fancy celebration dinner, we love Harry and Izzy's steaks and spicy shrimp cocktail (the kid sister restaurant of St. Elmo's - same food, but low-key atmosphere)
  10. Go duckpin-bowling or learn to swing dance in Fountain Square.
We LOVE having visitors, so if you want to come down for a weekend just let me know or email me if you want more info on any of these favorites for a trip of your own.

{Harry and Izzy's feasting}

{IMA in the summer}

{Farmer's Market}

{duckpin bowling}

Indy Neighbors: What would you put on your list?

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