back-to-school dress

Gone are the days of shopping for a new wardrobe each fall.  No longer growing taller (and hopefully not wider), I set out today looking for a piece or two to add some spice to my daily work closet.  I was planning on trying on this cute skirt Paula was wearing, but ended up loving this dress even more.  Plus, the hemline was more appropriate for constant interaction with high schoolers. 

As a side note, I needed to go up one size since this is a Junior's dress....this way it actually hits the top of my knees.  I'll be pairing it with a simple cardigan and wedges, until cooler weather when I break out the leggings and boots.

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Anonymous said...

I have this dress, and wore it for the first time to Club Soda last night! So comfortable, and yet I felt really up-to-date and put-together while wearing it! ~
Enjoy! ~ Lindsay

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