weekend of summer goodness

On my last summer weekend, we tried to load up on the goodness of being outdoors and indulging the carefree feeling of a break from work.  On Friday, Zach and I ate outdoors at our favorite sushi spot, Naked Tchopstix, since we were having the best weather (no humidity!).

We started off Saturday morning with a 19-mile bike ride up to Carmel and made a stop along the way at the permanent farm stand on 54th Street for a pulled pork sandwich.  Right as we pulled in to our house, my brother drove in to visit us for the weekend.  We all made deep dish pizzas together and then went to see The Other Guys.  As we drove back to our house, my cousin pulled in to our house with her two kids to spend the night. 

Since cousin Kristy was heading to a baby shower, we treated her kids, Caleb and Abigail, and Jordan and his friend Dave to some Sunday morning pancakes.  We headed to church and then got started on lunch.  I have a new-found appreciation for those of you who cook big Sunday dinners.  It is hard!  I don't think we ended up sitting down to eat until 2pm.  My big downfall was that the roasted red potatoes (from my Grandma's farmland) took twice as long as expected to get smash-able.  Thankfully everyone was pretty easy-going about it :)  After lunch, everyone said their goodbyes and headed out.  I was totally experiencing the joys of a messy kitchen after having your house full of people you love....it makes dishes so much more worth doing!

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