a big, big list


Let's be honest - this blog is mainly devoted to trivial things.  The daily ins-and-outs of life that I love to keep on record.  If you read and/or write blogs, you know this is just a small snapshot of the writer.  But there is more going on too...

I am not comfortable using such a public space to discuss family problems, marital issues, job decisions, and the like.  As a fairly shy person, I don't usually even talk about that stuff with people face-to-face unless I trust them or they ask.  But for my own record, I'm going to list the big topics I'm wrestling with this year....some of these are new and some I've been working through for several years.  I'm not listing my specific views on these just yet, because most of them are a work in progress.  If you're really curious, feel free to ask me or email me.

  • organ donation**
  • God's design for sexuality
  • reading through the Bible (not really an idea, but rather a goal)
  • infertility and assisted reproduction**
  • abortion**
  • parenthood - unconditional love vs. transforming love
  • building/creating a home
  • personhood and dignity**
  • contraception**
  • pornography
  • marriage for a lifetime
  • heaven and God's kingdom

Wow - that's a big list - even just writing them all makes me realize why my head hurts at the end of the day.  Do any of you get that feeling of relief after you just write down everything that's buzzing through your head?
Love that.

** These topics are all ones I'm researching this year for a Christian Bioethics class I'm co-teaching at work.  The class is stretching me in ways I couldn't have imagined, and I'm growing in major ways because of it.  (Plus the students are amazing - and I love them too.)


Meaghan said...

I get what you mean about not comfortable sharing such private items on the blog. I try to keep mine about family fun & outfits I put together. But I do agree about how good it feels to write out your thoughts somehow.

Thanks for sharing a little about what you're thinking!

lisarose14 said...

First of all I love your blog. Some of my friends like to swap out which blogs we love the most. Lindsay (Scott) Spieth told me about yours. I just wanted to let you know I have some information on some of the topics you referred to in this blog post. I have some scientific evidence on the abortion, and contraceptions. I also have been following a couple different study guides that get you through the Bible. One is reading thru one time a year and the other is twice a year. Let me know if you want me to email you any of these. The Bible guides I would need to send to you in the mail.

Lisa (Hindle) Rose

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