scenes from chicago


Chicago has been one of our favorite weekend spots throughout our relationship.  It's close, fun, and inspiring.  Even more so since three of Zach's college roommates live there, and we can hang out with them at their favorite local spots.

As a couple, we've evolved to a place where we would rather experience local spots than touristy spots, although sometimes it's still hit and miss.  Case in point - my urge to go to Giordano's the first night we got into town.  We waited over an hour and a half, and the pizza wasn't really that good.  The next day we tried the locals' favorite, Lou Malnati's - and it was amazing!  The sauce, the good.  (We're even shipping their pizzas to my parents to eat together over Thanksgiving break)

Instead of spending our Saturday shopping (we did pop in a couple stores), we checked out some side streets filled with old brownstones and walked down to see Navy Pier for the first time.  The hustle of the pier wasn't really our style, but sitting by Lake Michigan on a crisp, sunny fall day was surprisingly peaceful.

Another new stop on our list was the Lincoln Park Zoo with some friends.  Love that this is an amazing free zoo, although I think zoos are making me more sad the older I get. 

We rounded out the weekend with a sushi dinner with friends, a dart-throwing competition, watching the Bears game while cooking lunch in one of our favorite couple friends' condo (and meeting their sweet, new little girl), and a stop at Portillo's on the way home.

My favorite part was snuggling with Zach all weekend long.

By far.


Katy said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend...especially the snuggling. Nothing better than that on these beautiful cool days and evenings! My sister lived in Lincoln Park and we loved staying with she's moved and we have no one to visit there ): Loved all the pics!

Petrich Paluzza said...

Hey Linds~

It's been awhile since I have read your blog.... but I finally caught up on all your post. I am soo excited to try your recipes! And I wanted to respond to your comment regarding pregnancy... People always seem to have something to say. Since Mark and I were pregnant early in our marriage we got the "was it planned?" question, which I found to be very offensive. Now that Hayden is 20 months I am starting to get the "when are you having another?" question with which I respond with either "all in God's timing" or "Do you want to know all the details regarding our family planning or would you prefer to wait for the official announcment?" Just a couple of ideas. Much Love

Lindsey said...

Katy -
It really was gorgeous! I'm sure you guys had lovely weather up there too :) It's so much more fun to visit people and see their favorite places in the city. Lincoln Park is such a great area!

Lynds -
First off, I miss you girl! I hope your little family is doing well :) I'm loving your suggestions for responding to people. Wish we could catch up sometime soon!


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