a pre-christmas spending freeze

Last night my husband and I were talking about some large extra costs we've had during the past month (a year's supply of contacts, a hefty gym initiation fee, hotel in Chicago, work clothes for Zach...).  We're both feeling the need to spend less. 

We would love to enjoy the process of gift-buying and all the fun of the Christmas season without the need to worry about every dollar.  So in anticipation of the craziness of the holidays, we're proposing a spending hiatus until the beginning of December. 

Here are my rules:

- no Target purchases, other than prescriptions and necessities
- no home purchases
- no clothing purchases
- find cheap date options
- drop off a big donation to Goodwill

We have a few exceptions:

- our Chicago weekend trip
- recovering a cushion for our built-in nook
- a fun girly weekend with my best friend

If you would like to join us, make some rules for yourself and leave a comment below.

1 comment:

Matt and Abby said...

Ahh, once again we are right there with you on the spending freeze.
Our rules...
1. We have $20 a month as free money (doesn't last long!)
2. The rest we are only spending on bills.

I feel like this is how the rest of my life is going to be.

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