when are you having a baby?

the cutest little moccasins

Hey friends: 

We have hit the stage in marriage (3 1/2 years!!) where this question is getting asked A LOT.  It doesn't really bother me to be asked, because I'm anticipating that next stage in life too and some days I have major baby fever.  However, sometimes this question can make for awkward conversations.  I'm not even sure that the person really expects an answer (because that would be kind of weird, right?).  Usually I just mumble through and end up saying "not yet, but soon...hopefully."  Anyone have a better response without being too rude, too specific, or too snooty, for lack of a better word? 

I think so far the most awkward time I've been asked was by a student (freshman boy) in the middle of class....my face turned bright red with embarrassment.  Geez.


p.s.  congrats to my sweet friend Rachel who is having a little boy!


Meaghan said...

We get this question often too.

I feel the same way as you - excited for that next stage, but not quite there yet.

I do love your response though. Simple, open-ended :)

Matt and Abby said...

Funny, we never got this question. We had been married 3 years before we started trying and then tried for 3 more years before we got Hannah. And I still never got the question.
I get the question "Why did you adopt? Are you infertile?"
Anyway, don't be embarrassed. Your response is good.
In fact, if you want to be bold in Christ, just say, "it's the Lord's timing, not ours."

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