pre-christmas spending freeze, weeks 3-5

Christmas morning - circa 2005

- no Target purchases:  check.  This one has been surprisingly easy over the past few weeks.  I am probably saving us so much money in just this one area!

- no clothing purchases: ok - This super cute necklace was marked down last week and I sprang for it.
- Goodwill donation:  still working on this pile in my basement.  I add a few things each weekend, but I plan to drop it off right before the Thanksgiving holiday.
- no home purchases:  check.  However, we are investigating rugs for our living room floor.  I'm leaning towards a natural jute rug, while Zach prefers Persian rugs.  I think we may buy one of these before Christmas using some gift cards and cash back from our credit card points.  I'd also love another lamp in our bedroom (preferably a vintage alabaster lamp) but that is on hold for awhile.

 images found here.
On a side note:
Zach and I have yet to master the art of shopping for Christmas gifts.
We inevitably fall into the frantic dash for last minute presents. 
How do you avoid the hectic, frazzling pace of holiday shopping?  (or do you love the hustle and bustle?)

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Heather said...

I love all of the self-control you have been showing by having a spending freeze. I wish Forrest and I did that [spending freezes] sometimes. Bless your hearts! Good luck with it the rest of the way.
By the way, I tend to love all of the last minute hoopla of getting Christmas presents, because it makes you think that much more about the perfect present to get your loved one. It forces you to get something unique because a lot of things are picked over.

Hope you have a fantastic Friday.

As always, love reading your blog!!!

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