to give and get {for girls}

a print of a favorite flower in amber glass, $13

I've already bought several presents for people on my list, and there are a few rules to help guide me while shopping.  Usually, I try to pick items that are practical, pretty, and have some personality (alliteration!).  I also tend to choose gifts that I don't buy with my own money but would enjoy having and using.  For me - these rules usually mean I'm purchasing accessories, jewelry, and books.

Due to my great anticipation of the holidays, here are my favorite items to give and receive for girls. Everything is under $40 and follow the links to get more information!  Here goes:

ruffled peony print, $35
sparkly quartz necklace, $24
a girly pair of flannel pj's to wear all winter long, $40
simple ribbon posts, $24

Beautifully detailed monogram cards, $18 and  cute new pair of mittens, $25 are pretty, yet functional gifts

a classic clothbound book, $14 and a delicious scented candle, $18

4 new nail polishes brighten up winter's gloominess, $20
Last but not least, I love getting new socks and tights.

Plus, coming soon: my favorite gifts for guys - and I have loads of practice in this area (husband, two brothers, and two brothers-in-law)


Matt and Abby said...

1. I would love to visit the Midland antique place. I just drove by it a few weeks ago! But wasn't able to stop..
2. Can't wait to see your gifts for guys. I really really really stink at buying gifts for Matt. Help!

hayley said...

SO looking forward to you guys gift guide. you are so talented at making these--you always curate really beautiful things. maybe i'll try my hand at it...we'll see!

corynne said...

These look great!!

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