indy field trip



While Zach was away on a business trip, I headed downtown to the Midland Arts & Antiques warehouse for a fun distraction.  There are two factory floors filled with vintage and antique furniture, art, jewelry, clothes, and decor.  I love the abundance of industrial and schoolhouse items and the wide range of prices.  It provides easy inspiration and also some items that could be put to work in your home.

My favorite finds included:
  • a educational wall map
  • sturdy wooden dressers with glass knobs (true bargain pieces)
  • a mirror surrounded by studded wood
  • a plethora of vintage lamps and chandeliers
  • science glassware collections, including cloches and amber bottles
  • colorful globes
I walked away without any purchases (thanks to the spending freeze), and because I didn't see anything I needed enough to justify breaking the freeze.  Regardless of money spent, I love visiting a huge place filled with such unique pieces.

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