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Last week I found myself at a crafting/fabric store with an impending craft date scheduled with some girls in my house church (a.k.a small group).  I had several diy ideas in mind from the blogosphere --- a cute scarf tutorial from hayley, simple crafty-necklace like joslyn's, maybe something with chalkboard paint, or even a fall/winter wreath idea like emily's

After spending an hour hunting for supplies, I ended up buying basically nothing for any of these projects and left feeling frustrated with crafting in general (deciding to go on a Friday after school may have caused these feelings of frustration - just sayin').  So, with the help of a very calm hubby, I shifted game-plans and spent the craft date making something I wanted for my house with supplies I already had (and loving my time with the amazing women in our group). 

Here are the results:

supplies assembled - plants, potting soil, pots, fertilizer, spade, and gloves

baby's tears moss in our bedroom, with a thrifted milk glass plate underneath protecting the wood dresser

This rosemary plant jump started this whole "craft" idea since I'd been meaning to move it to a smaller pot and bring it indoors before the first frost killed it.  Now it is situated next to our fireplace and adds an amazing scent to the room.  I'm looking forward to cooking with it all winter.  The other benefit to all these houseplants is air purification and filtering out formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. 

natural reindeer moss, $3 purchase
simple dining room table centerpiece update: remove 1/2 of sand and add reindeer moss

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